Policies, Procedures and Rates


Each individual is entitled to privacy while working with their counselor.  All contact with your counselor is confidential.  Written permission is required for Counseling Services to release information to anyone outside the Counseling Services.  A court order may require an exception to the lawful protection of individual legal rights to privileged communication with a counselor.

If it becomes clear in the counseling session that there is a real danger to oneself or to others, we are required to take action to protect those who might do or be effected by harm.  Additionally; any reports of abuse of children or others unable to care for themselves will require action to be taken.  Confidentiality laws do not apply in these cases.

Record of individual’s work with us containing information provided to us in writing as well as counseling notes of individual sessions are also confidential.   These record remains under lock and key at Acme for a seven year period years following the individual’s last visit.

We at Acme Counseling take confidentiality very seriously.  We ask our individuals (clients) to respect the same elements of privacy the counselors must by refraining from conversing about anything spoken in either group or private session outside of the privacy confines of Acme Counseling.
Without confidentiality in any counseling setting, individuals will not feel comfortable in disclosing and in effect recovery cannot take place.


For best results, please adhere to the following;

  • Arrive at least five minutes before your scheduled session or group is to start.  This assures that we can start on time and end on time.
  • If you are more than 20 minutes late to an appointment or group session, your attendance will not be reflected in your file, and you may be charged a fee for the missed appointment.  Please be respectful of other people’s time.


Our rates are based on a per case basis. We Accept most private insurance companies and OHP.  As a courtesy to you, we will attempt  to bill your private insurance or OHP.

In some cases a referral may be required, please check with your individual policy terms for more information.  OHP clients requiring Drug or Alcohol Counseling / Rehab/Diversion,  may self refer.


If the Corvallis School District is closed, then we are closed too